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of course I would of pushed the brake....if you were sky diving and your main chute failed would you pull the cord on the reserve? If you were riding you motorcycle and you ran out of gas, would you switch the fuel petcock to the reserve setting, or would you park the bike and have a seat belt and rops now on every single ZTR how many people wont wear the seatbelt...its a gauranteed life saver if the machine rolls...But people won't use it..

How many people have seat belts but don't use them in their car...Thats a no brainer IMO, Hell its a law....but you have people still afraid of getting trapped in a sinking their excuse...

Id love to see a report of ZTR hill slide accidents, back to their inception and before ROPS . I'll bet in every single case the operator went beyond the capabilities of the machine as indicated in the operators manual...too steep of a slope or a wet slope...IE unsafe the culprit...No it doesn't make the family feel any better that their father/husband/son is dead because they were stupid. Sorry but your husband/father/son did something stupid and paid the ultimate price. Yeah I know it sounds callous.

How many people are dumb enough to put their hands under a mower with the blade spinning....Obviously there was one bone head with a good we got safety switches to protect us from being stupid.

I hate to say it but safety switches are horrible in themselves, we become complacent and rely on a mechanical device to think for us...

I know you want your brakes to be seen a safety device that coupled with safe operation of a mower could save your life, but if you operate your mower safely you wont need the brakes.

Many LCO's are heady strong and some are stubborn (me included) and we'll look at the brakes as a way to increase our productivity buy hitting steeper hills or putting ourselves in more dangerous situations so yo wont' have go grab the 21" the WB or the string trimmer... Your videos of the mowers stopping on a 20+* slope show us that we can go further/faster and push the limits...

owners manual...

• Read this manual completely as well as other manuals that came with your mower.
• DO NOT operate on steep slopes. To check a slope, attempt to back up it (with the
cutter deck down). If the machine can back up the slope without the wheels slipping, reduce speed and use extreme caution.
• Under no circumstances should the machine be operated on slopes greater than 15 degrees. ALWAYS FOLLOW OSHA APPROVED OPERATION

15* that only 5* more than most wheelchair ramps....

I also noticed NO ROPS on the bad boy...any particular reason???
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