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Originally Posted by Firefly Prof. Lighting View Post
75' is fine spacing for a small runway like that. Don't mess with low voltage on this one. You need line voltage with good aviation grade marker lights. All runways will have white lights and taxiways will be blue. At most airports I have flown into and around the lights are typically in dim mode until you key your mike 3-7 times on the airports radio frequency which will bring them up to low, med or full illumination and illuminate the REILs (runway end indicator lights) and the glide slope indicator lights for approaching aircraft. I didn't see anything in my FAR/AIM about lighting at private strips but I would probably just make a phone call to an FAA official just to CYA.
Hi Tim
The problem with aviation lights is the price, and the pilot controlled light is just not going to happen because of cost. We looked at Oshkosh this year while we were there and the cost of aviation grade lights is just too high. Lets look at it this way, instead of a 1000 ft runway lets just call this a 1000 ft driveway, what would you use?

Thanks Mike
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