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Yeah I am starting to see that 65 per hour is cheap.

Also found out that replants should only be moved after 2nd or 3rd killing frost in fall or in spring before they leaf out. Right now we are in drought to near drought conditions I think this will shock the tree to much to move them now. Also when moving tree's, especially non nursery tree's I think it's dangerous to leave them in the wind over longer distances since the leaves will still look green but are dried right out, so care is required to move them for sure.

hmmm. I talked to this gentleman and he told me that he can take out approx up to 1000 trees.

He told me he wanted a complete job price or a per hour price not a per tree price. I could not imagine screwing myself any faster than doing a per hour or job price. The more I research what it takes to move a tree without killing it the more I realize how much of a pain it is, besides burlap and wire for 1000 trees isn't cheap, the only way to control costs is to know what it will cost me per tree to do, and then add something in there for myself.

travel time
hydrolic spade rental
wire baskets/burlap *maybe just burlap*
auger work on the other end
hired help
soil for planting
staking trees
etc. Per tree is the only I won't screw myself. But perhaps others of you can shed some light on this.


Oh I should add that the local greenhouses charge $75 per tree just to plant at 10 gal, $130 for 10-15 gal etc
I am talking digging, transporting, planting $65 per tree??. granted at 500-1000 tree's that adds up. I am not sure this guy has worked that out yet. but time will tell. It is cheaper than buying new and having someone plant them, no question.

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