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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
How do any of you Stander owners like the ZK model compared to the standard model? Does one hold a hill better? Does the ZK just cut quicker with deck sizes being the same? I saw a ZK next to the original Stander at a local dealer, and that machine is as big as a full size Z.
ZK is faster(15mph), stronger(31hp and 37hp), bigger(hella thick steel), has two large gas tanks, floating deck(originals dont have them).
Hills? Standers can climb very steep hills very well. The ZK can climb mountains. I have made a video of my ZK going up one of the steepest hills I cut. Used to weed eat the whole thing. Regular 52/23 just slid down. I am still editing the videos, but ill put them up soon. Obviously youve never demoed a stander let alone a ZK. DEMO ONE
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