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Having not seen the sites or the trees I am going to make some assumptions. Well for us to do this job right and as quick as possible, we would be looking at least three machines. The A300 and MXU125 at the dig site for digging and loading of trees. Probaly the Farmall 60 at the planting site, though I would prefer to have the Toolcat there as well. Add in at least one truck and trailer for hauling the trees. Plenty of Wilt Proof as well.

So let's see
A300 w/ 30" Treespade :$130 an hour
MXU125 w/ Tree Rex: $110 an hour
Farmall 60 w/ pallet forks & auger: $100 an hour
Toolcat: $80 an hour
Wiltproof:$10 a gallon

Yeah you try doing that at $65.00 an hour you're going to screw yourself.
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