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Originally Posted by flykelley View Post
Hi Tim
This is what we have so far. 4x4 post with a glass mason jar as the shell. thought about using 12 volt automotive side marker lights for the fixture itself. We have a supplier of these sockets and bulbs if they will work. The light controller is the real question at this point, as I said before we are worried about voltage drop along a 1000 ft run.

Thanks Mike
Yeah, the voltage drop is going to be the kicker here. Thats why I wouldn't even mess with the lower voltage lighting in this scenario. Why not just pick up some simple A19 socket bases which are just for your typical screw in light. You would have a wide range of lamping options that would be very bright at that point. I guess if I was going to make these for my own use (and I stress my own use). I would drill out some 2' long 4x4 posts and run my romex up through the middle and bury and concrete them in the ground 18" deep. I would then get one of those galvanized post anchors you get at the hardware store that you use to fasten your post to concrete, only we will be using it upside down. I would drill through the middle of the plate and run the romex up through this also. When you fasten the plate to the top of the post I would leave a good 1" of open space for air circulation and to dissipate heat away from the wood post. Next, wire your med base socket and attach to the plate using sheet metal fasteners. Next step is attaching your mason jar. Turn the screw on lid upside and down and fasten the top ring to the metal plate around the socket. Put your light bulb in. Put a nice fat bead of outdoor rated silicone all around the inside of the ring you just attached. Screw the mason jar onto the lid and vwaila.... one homemade landing light.

I would control this on a dusk to dawn photocell. He could still put this on a manual swith if he didn't want it on all the time. Before he takes off from his strip he would just need to turn on the wall switch to energise the unit which would come on at dusk. or he could use an RF controller he activates from the air. Should have pretty good line of sight from above. Just thinking out loud here though, you may already have it nailed down.

Tim Ryan
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