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yeah that's right. Also I will be doing this will less equipment than that. This is not a commercial job so it's not so critical time wise. But there is a window. With that said I think I will pre auger all of the holes and clean up the dirt. The holes will be pre marked by the owner. So after that it's a matter of digging them out, bagging them and transporting them. Yeah the Wilt preventer stuff will be required. I will run a 2 man crew maybe even one man on the other end with the driver helping unload. It should be plenty since we can only send so many trees at a time.

These are my thoughts so far.

the 65 per tree should be sufficient but I don't as yet know the cost of the baskets and burlap. I may use a dump trailer with high walls and just burlap them since it's a short ish trip, but I don't know what effect that will have on the trees, just make them harder to move I imagine.

Cheers Keep the feedback coming guys.
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