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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
I'd like to make sure here for legal reasons that I am clear- I absolutely do not reccomend home made runway lights, or rigging this yourself. in the event of failure, I am on record here. this needs to be done by a qualified professional in runway work, with lights and a system that were specifially designed for this purpose. It is absolutely insane to be talking about feceposts and mason jars and rigging this. It is not just possible, but likely that someone's life may depend on these lights. They are expensive for that very reason. I am done with this thread.
Hi david
Thanks for your input but there are several reasons for doing them himself. The major reason is the chance of anyone using this runway in the advent of a in flight emergency is slim to none, as I stated before this runway is way too short for a GA type plane. He wants the lights more for looks than a praticial standpoint. Most Ultra lights and expermentals just don't fly at night. One the other side of this there is a GA airport not more than 2 miles north of my friends runway which is where most pilots would try to land if they had to, now say that the plane is not in gliding distance of this GA airport the pilot will find a suitable landing spot and I can tell you being a pilot a 1000 ft runway is not a suitable landing spot. Is it better than a forest full of tree's, yes but most pilots will find another place to land, a field, road, even the edge of a lake if they have too. So take a chill pill and think of it as a very long driveway.

Regards Mike
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