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Originally Posted by ALC-GregH View Post
Ted, I don't carry what anyone else says, front brakes on a ZTR is a great idea. I hope you make it big with them. I would LOVE to have them on my z. In these pics, you can see that the hill really isn't that bad. WRONG. Just yesterday I went for a ride down the hill and ran the mower into the tree on the right. You can see where the tall grass got ran over at the tree. The tree was what stopped the mower. It started sliding and would not stop no matter what I did with the controls. If the mower had front brakes I could have creeped down the hill or actually STOPPPED on the hill. Your the first person I thought of when it happened. I was actually cussing you for not having them done and ready! j/k
if you didnt go full speed down that hill you would have been fine, especially with that turf tiger.
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I get paid to keep the property looking good. It is not hard what we do like anything else in life, added will power, desire and the ability to look for solutions not excuses then you will succeed.
Stay focused and leave distractions for those who will fail in their ventures
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