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front brakes

Originally Posted by milo View Post
hi ted, ok less than 200 in parts. So say 180.00 you spent in parts, now how much do you think it costs to make a striping kit?? Maybe 50.00 or 60.00 in parts total and they sell for 300 to 400. Really unless your making them and not going to make one penny on them you can sell for 200.00 but you seem to be working on this stuff for a longgg time not to make money off if it would not be a good idea. So in reality what ted brakes gonna cost??[/quo
this is gitting old price of saving your life could be less than 150.00 you need to quite whying these brakes work may even save your life but let me guss you have read your owners manules and you are going to go buy them to the tee you plan to go on only flat land because thay dont recomend hill or slop good luck with that because it only takes one time to mess up and be dead im not trying to fix stupid just trying to save those that made a bad chioce for some reason speel check wont work so you can i cant spell sh..t ted
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