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Originally Posted by ALC-GregH View Post
Ted, I don't carry what anyone else says, front brakes on a ZTR is a great idea. I hope you make it big with them. I would LOVE to have them on my z. In these pics, you can see that the hill really isn't that bad. WRONG. Just yesterday I went for a ride down the hill and ran the mower into the tree on the right. You can see where the tall grass got ran over at the tree. The tree was what stopped the mower. It started sliding and would not stop no matter what I did with the controls. If the mower had front brakes I could have creeped down the hill or actually STOPPPED on the hill. Your the first person I thought of when it happened. I was actually cussing you for not having them done and ready!
There ya go ted, Your first customer who wished he had the brakes so he could creep down the hill. A hill that easily exceeds the 15* as indicated in the manuals...

Could brakes on the machine have prevented greg from running into the tree and loosing control. Yes they may have been able to slow the machine and stop it... Could Greg's adherence to the operators manual have prevented him from losing control while going down the hill. Yep. and you know what, It doesn't cost a penny. The manual comes free with the purchase of the machine.

You know it would not be that hard to put a safety switch that shuts the machine off when it gets on an angle of greater than 15* We can wrap the machine in a roll cage and put a seat belt switch (like skid loaders have) which wont' start until the belt is clicked...

I'm not discounting the price of a life...At what point do we stop putting safety switches/ roll bars, ect on these machines and start making proper/safe operation the responsibility of the operator and not the product manufacturer. I guarantee that in every single case where the machine flipped over on a guy and killed him the first thing the lawyer is gonna ask Was there a ROPS installed when the first question should be, how steep of a slope was it and what does the operators manual say...

ON a side note, while I like the idea of a master cylinders and fluid brake lines, they do appear to stick up above the caster quite a bit, any though to using hard lines that fit the contour of the machine better (ie less chance of the hoses getting damaged) or even going with a cable actuated system (less pressure but simpler)

I have a caster(no wheel/tire) from my scag that I'd be willing to ship to you...if you want to start looking at the Scag dimensions of their fork...

here are the pics of the hill (30*) that my employee went down...lost control and did hundreds of $$ damage to the machine all because he was too lazy to take the extra 60 seconds and drive down the road. Luckily he was not hurt...
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