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Originally Posted by GravelyNut View Post
Actually, I think the safety devices should be left off and let Darwinism take its course. People have gotten too lulled into the idea that the Gov't and manufactures need to protect the operators from themselves. Logging is the most dangerous job in the USA and you don't see people with roll cages around them when cutting down a tree. Only when they get on a unit of machinery do they get it.

I think to a point, its not even Govt, but lawyers/sympathetic juries/bone head judges...which create the need the for manufacturers to "protect themselves" from the lawsuit.

Lets say that bad boy mowers puts the brakes on their machines... someone will kill themselves even though the machine has brakes.... How will it happen. someone will feel invincible withe brakes and they will continue to "push the envelope" and as said earlier. you can't fix stupid.

Remove all warning labels....the problem will solve itself...

some funny warning label quotes...
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