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Originally Posted by bugger12345 View Post
I may be asking this in the wrong place but...

I'm wondering how much better a grader box is than a grader blade? I have a tractor with a 3 pt hitch and need to grade a gravel driveway (1500 ft long). I can buy a used 6 ft blade for $125 and a 6 foot box for $350. Any thoughts?

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a box scraper all the way its much easier to control your material. If you have enough tractor to pull it full when you are grading your drive way you can pull it full of gravel and it will fill in the low spots and where the driveway is good it will kinda float over the stone there instead of a reguler blade that just scrapes the stone away. Plus if you add wheels a couple feet behind the box you can use it like a land leveler and leave it as smooth and level as you want
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