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[QUOTE=Richard Martin;3145602]As harsh as it is, the fact remains that safety does have a price. If there wasn't a threshold for cost then all cars on the road would be built like a NASCAR car and be able to withstand a 200 MPH crash and everybody walks away.

said perfect....
and yes, life dont have a price but guess what does??? safety items do. if you can sell me a brake kit for $150.00 or even $200.00 i will buy, but really you wanna talk safety, REALLY???? many guys you see with the rops system up mowing??? in my area none.. question?? how many lives would that save if that were up or if the mower did not come with it not to many people buying that to save lives... many guys you see mowing in shorts and with no shirts on and no eye protection on or no hearing protection or orange vests or steel tip boots working???? not too many or if any???
or let me guess, well safety glases wont save your life well thats right but will save you from loosing a eye and they cost $6.00 and not many wearing them
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