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Originally Posted by milo View Post
theres another point...
look ted, i think your brakes look nice but i am saying you think in the 25 + years ztr's were around no one thought of this???? they did hell alot of us did but the fact is this overall there is no need for them.. please tell me how you would sell this to a exmark? scag? hustler? bad boy?
1. there are to many what if's 2. cost 3. new design.. the list goes on and on. another thing, what if hill is wet? brakes or no brakes your going to slide down the hill period mostly with slick tires or what your gonna add a abs system? tires with tread on front.
facts are facts. the fact is this, the real cost to bring a item like this to a mower would be $1000.00 + easy.. hell i just put in belt on my hustler super z and the belt was $59.99 for 1 belt and there are so many what if's and if worth having or not and in the big picture no they are useless period.....
now as for your mower with them on thats fine and you did a nice job with it but thats all it is a nice thing you made for your mower
i totally agree! couple months ago i was mowing a pretty steep wet hill around a pond, well the tiger lost its grip and slid sideways down the hill then stoped only inches from the pond! i brought the grass down with me trying to stop that beast! so if the two wheels in the back with lots of traction on them couldn't stop it how are two wheels with zero traction on em gonna stop that beast? plus theirs not to much weight in the front of a z so that doesn't help ether!

hey ted slame those brakes on going down a 55 degree slope then i might be convinced!
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I get paid to keep the property looking good. It is not hard what we do like anything else in life, added will power, desire and the ability to look for solutions not excuses then you will succeed.
Stay focused and leave distractions for those who will fail in their ventures
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