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Originally Posted by andyspetrock View Post

so i guess when you slam on your brakes in the truck on ice it will come to an instant stop, right. cuz i mean you put the brakes on so it has to work right???? regardless of the road/terrain conditions! the hill i was on would have done nothing but destroy the hill if you put two more brakes on. those brakes might have helped you on that bunny hill of yours but wait till you do some steep ones, its not easy stopping 1500 lb mower from sliding down a steep wet hill! heck if i remember ill post some pictures of of that steep hill when i mow it thursday!
i still did not get any replys or answers to my last posts but your point is perfect...
now back to why i dont see people with the rops up mowing???? i know why cause 98% of the people dont think they need them
why dont you see people wearing eye protection??? cause nothing will ever hit there eye..
why do people wear shorts and no shirts??? cause its too hot and im to young for skin cancer...
why no steel toe boots???? to hot and cost to much...

you guys really want to make ztr's safer use them for what they are made for....
next, you want ztr's safer really??? then maybe they should be inspected every year like cars.
i can really say my biggest fear while working is me getting hit by a car trimming by curbs or opening and closing my gate
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