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Originally Posted by Bob_n_weave View Post
I have 70 + hours on my Grand Stand. The only problem I have is sometimes the Deck will lower by itself when in the locked raised position. Seems it only takes a bump too cause the lever too unlock. When Im going on/off Trailor I have to watch closely or the blades will scrape where Ramp / Trailor connect.

Any suggestions Toro ? I really hate nicking my blades up because of this.
Bob_n_weave -

We're glad to hear your GrandStand is performing well. As for the deck "jumping" out of the transport position when being trailered, an easy solution is to move the HOC pin into the 5" position after the lever is placed in the transport position. Then if the lever jumps out of transport it will catch on the pin and prevent the deck from dropping too low. Hope that helps.

- The Toro Company
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