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Originally Posted by Two Seasons View Post
We own the 48" with the 17 Kawasaki engine.

The 52/23 you're looking at would be the one I'd buy---now---after owning our Pro-V 48/17 for over a year. Why?

A couple of things are now evident to us...
1.) 52/23 has a battery---great for getting out of a tight trailer
2.) 52/23 has a battery---great for an electric chute blocker
3.) 52/23 has a little wider cut---you'd be surprised what another 4" will give you in productivity!
4.) You'll never be short of power---for sure.

We bought the Pro-V sulky. Very well built, as you'd expect from a Scag product. It's great going forward, but not so great in a reverse mode. We've got some experience on it now, so we don't turf tear as much.

And about the handling of the Pro-V, we've never had a better one. Here's why:
1.) Can reverse with one hand
2.) Can go forward with one hand
3.) Can turn with one hand
4.) Can trim along brush lines with one hand
5.) Can trim along fence lines with one hand
6.) Can trim under low branches with one hand

Biggest negative---in the transport mode speed using the Pro-V sulky, you're stretched out in the arms to get the bar down all the way if you're a tall one.

Overall, we'd say they are well worth the extra $$$
How is it in going up and down curbs? I am kinda surprised they dont' interlock both handles?
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