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hate2work, a couple of more observations about the Honda HRX,

Actually, the oil draining procedure has become much easier. Actually, the last time was doing the draining, I was thinking, "... this is better than having to unscrew a plug and try to hold the engine over a catch tray." I've learned how to line up the mower with the oil pans that I have, and how to grab the handles on the mower for better leverage, and (most important), what angle and position is best to hold the mower for best draining. The whole procedure has been boiled down to taking a couple of minutes -- that's it.

All of this means, I will have to rescind my negative comments made earlier, and give the procedure a thumbs up. I have also streamlined the new inventory -- having a couple of former fresh oil quart bottles, all measured out with 15 oz of new oil. So, a couple of minutes to drain, another couple of minutes to get a pre-measured container, pour into the drainspout, and it is good to go.

The engine does not have a low-oil shutoff feature. In all the running so far, I've never seen the engine use any oil. I continue to change about once per week, Shell Rotella 10W-30. Even within one week, the oil isn't very dark, but certainly not down from the mark when refilling during an oil change. I check it every day before going out, but have never seen it use any oil.

There isn't much to add for an update. I've had to change a ground drive speed selection cable. I started a thread on how to do this task, and ended the thread with a series of annotated pics on how to do the job. It took longer than it should, but now I know what to do (if I need to replace again, or need to replace a engine-to-transmission belt.

No other mechanical issues has cost one minute of machine down time.

The machine continues to get heavy use. In the past six weeks, we have gone from dry (very slow growth), to wet (back to very heavy growth again). The machine has been used in mulch mode much more than we ever used the LawnBoy mower. But, some jobs require bagging. Some early morning jobs find a very, very wet dew. Those are nearly always bagged, and it works well for these conditions. I would prefer dry turf, hence dry clippings, but the HRX works well enough to do a good job under very wet conditions. Probably at least half the cost of the mower has been saved in dump fees, dumping clippings that we would have done in past years with the LawnBoy.

I probably will write a season-end post with impressions and observations over the full season (expected to finish out about Dec 1, maybe later on a limited basis).

Thanks for your suggestion, and inquiry.
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