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Originally Posted by g21 View Post
You're right guys. I'm interested in people contacting me that are starving for information needed to grow a successful lawn maintenance business. Maybe you should put aside your scepticism and give ALMA the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that for a measly 10 bucks a month, we give contractors and unbelievable amount of help and information. Look at my posts and you'll see that I give heartfelt, quality advice to members and ask nothing in return. When's the last time you took 2 hours of your time to produce a video or write a report to help your fellow contractors!

I am one of the skeptic's, but wow you are dead on with the opinion section 3/4 into the video. I been doing this a long time, I know that wall you talk about I have hit it a few times. Your pretty good hear, I don't think I could face a camera and let fly on this subject from the top of my head like that. Your offering some clean clear advice hear.
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