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The advice given is sound and clear. Also it is less opinionated then some threads here can get. (not all! but some)

Also this is a forum where people post and read. Do not get me wrong the advice is VERY GOOD and the source of information here is great.

But, He is making videos and lets face it for most watching a video vs. reading is easier to do and sometimes just easier to follow. So if he charges a couple of dollars for taking time out of his day to sit and record, edit, whatever etc. I don't think its so wrong. Hes not asking for a huge amount and from the 2 videos i have seen he does seem to offer good and true advice.

Please understand i think this site is great and I'm not knocking it or anyone here but, he just offers another way of presenting it and perhaps some information that others have not mentioned. In a form that is perhaps easier to understand for some and more or less void of an opinion leaving just facts to go off of.

Just my take on it.

And thanks for that video post Tommy was helpful least for me.
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