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Originally Posted by Shane100 View Post
First Post! I've been visiting/researching on Lawnsite for some time now but never posted.

I'm pretty sure this is a no brainer, but thought others might want to know the money that can be saved by buying at the right time. Ok, I'm just bragging but none of my none LCO friends care at all. In fact they think I'm crazy for spending $7699 for a mower. LOL.

New 09 Ferris IS2000
61" Deck (Older style)
30hp Vanguard
Michigan Suspension Seat
Extra set of Blades
Only $7699 + $50 for delivery.

Cheaper to have it delivered because of City Taxes (saved $130). Made for a long weekend though. I bought it on Friday and had to wait for them to deliver on Monday. It rides like a dream even in very rough terrain.
Good mower, good price, excellent engine. I don't know about the deck you are speaking of, but the new 72" deck on a Ferris IS3100 cut equal to any on the market, no scalping with a smooth cut. I know a farmer that just bought his second Ferris 3100 (one for his daughter that lives next door), and the whole family bleeds JD green.
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