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Originally Posted by rknarr2 View Post
I put on a new flange spacer but that did not help.
As I mentioned above, I have also put on a new muffler and put on a carburetor kit but those did not help either.
So, maybe if I take the valve seal out of the carburetor and clean that in mineral spirits and replace the spark plug might be the next things I will try.
If that would not fix it, then should I look at taking off the cylinder and looking at the valves to see if they are sticking or taking a look at the idle speed on the carburetor. I am not sure what to try next running out of options and ideas. If you want to know what my problem is please review the initial thread above. Thank you.

There are NO valves in this engine, it's a 2 stroke.

I know you don't want to hear this, but that carb needs replacing.

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