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Originally Posted by Stingray63 View Post
Yes, some of my customers want the plugs raked up too. I tell them that the plugs will go back into the ground. But, some still want' em raked up. I know I'd be saving alot of time if my employees didn't have to go through all the trouble.

Your failing at your job to effectively communicate/educate these customers on the importance of leaving the plugs where they fall. I with little effort have never failed in convincing customers to leave the plugs where they are. Their are live grass plants in allot of those plugs and a good amount will survive to thicken the lawn. Removing the plugs is essentially taking their lawn and top soil and throwing it away let alone the microbes in those plugs that will melt into the thatch and assist in composting and breaking it down. They need to be told why "they" do not want you to do this.
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