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Piranha and Redhawk Mowers

Well, i keep finding these on the internet, so I seacrched here and found only 2 threads about them...

Well, we arent shopping for a mower, but i was just wondering what you guys thought, and if anyone has or had one... (This is like my "Gizmow Mowers" thread)

They are the exact same thing, but Redhawk is red, and Pirana is orange... And Redhawk makes hydros and a 32". And they have 1 year warranty...

Heres what a company says about them...
"REDHAWK & PIRANHA mowers have all of the great features found on other commercial mowers costing $3000 or more.

They are an exact copy of the best selling professional models, using the same commercial components, many of which are made in the same factories.

REDHAWK MOWERS are equipped with BRIGGS & STRATTON and KOHLER Engines.

PIRANHA MOWERS are equipped with KAWASAKI Engines.

Both brands are assembled in the same factory and are designed to cut grass 30 or more hours each week."

Heres some prices...
  • Redhawk 32", Belt Driven, 5 Speed w/ reverse, 10 HP B&S-$1,700
  • Piranha 36", Belt, 5 speed w/ reverse, 15 HP Kawi-$2,000
  • Redhawk 36", Belt, 5 speed w/ reverse, 15 HP KOHLER-$2,000
  • Piranha 48", Belt, 5 speed w/ reverse, 15 HP Kawi-$2,100
  • Redhawk 48", Belt, 5 speed w/ reverse, 15 Hp Kohler-$2,300
  • Redhawk 36", Hydro, 15 hp Kohler-$2,500
  • Redhaek 48" Hydro, 18 Hp kohler-$2,900
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  • 2003 Chevy Silverado 3500, Dump, 8' 2" Boss V-Plow, Dually

09 3500HD Rebuild Picture Thread (Totaled in Tornado)

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