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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
The only problem I see with buying these types of off market Chinese mowers is "Who will service and warranty the work and parts."?
I don't believe in the Trojan Horse Theory when it comes to the things that make us our living. If a person is dabbling in the lawn services these could be the mower for them, but highly not likely worth investing some heavy money into a race horse with a wooden leg.
My neighbor has an acre lawn as I do, he watches me mow with my Walker ZTR. He doesn't want the expense of these 13,000.00 rigs, so he went and invested in a JD EZ TRAC from Lowe's. Within a week, he has already taken it back..............faulty clutch and broken spindle............! The things have Briggs engines on them.???
Just my take on some of the equipment choices to be made for hard work and sometimes taller grasses.

Yea,i get what your saying, but like i said before, we aren't even looking to buy, and we will probably go with Exmark when we do... But i just found this interesting...
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  • 2003 Chevy Silverado 3500, Dump, 8' 2" Boss V-Plow, Dually

09 3500HD Rebuild Picture Thread (Totaled in Tornado)

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