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1. White
2. 16
3. Residential
4. No
5. Toyota, soon to be GMC
6. yes
7. Open Landscape trailer
8. Yes, I don't hve much room in garage
9. Stihl, Echo, Toro, Honda,
10. Just handhelds, beg edgers, and tillers, toro dingo etc..
11. Tool Box
12. Single Axle
13. Sometimes
14.Yes I will explain below
15. No

My perfect trailer would be... 7x14 Tandem axle, with 3ft side. Racks and cages on it. Fold down rear ramp reinforced so you can haul skids, etc.. Dumping mechanism, and heavy duty build. I would like one like bladescape's, but I want it to dump and be able to haul skids. Basically a do-it-all trailer. Mowing equipment, landscape material, heavy equipment(skids etc.) I know it is a lot to ask for, but that is my idea of a perfect versatile trailer. If you would be interested in helping me fab one up or something I might be interested next year. Let me know, sounds like you got a good idea going though.
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