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1. What is your nationality? -USA
2. What is your age? -17
3. Do you work in Residential and/or commercial locations?- Residential
4. Is finding parking an issue when arriving on the job site?-no
5. What vehicle manufacture do you drive for work?-Ford
6. Do you own a trailer for work?-yes
7. If yes, is it a cargo trailer or a open landscape trailer?-open
8. Do you have issues when it comes to storing and accessing equipment?-no
9. What brand of equipment do you own?- Bobcat, Stihl, Giant Vac, Kawasaki
10. What brand of power tools do you use on the job?-Bobcat, Stihl, Giant Vac, Kawasaki
11. Other than equipment, what other "needs" are used on the job? (Example: water container)
12. Is the trailer you own a single axle or tandem axle?-single axle
13. Do you work on a rainy day?- sometimes
14. Are there any features you would like to have on a trailer?-gate assist/lift
15. Do you have any issues on owning a trailer?-no
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