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1. What is your nationality? caucasian
2. What is your age? 18
3. Do you work in Residential and/or commercial locations? residential
4. Is finding parking an issue when arriving on the job site? never
5. What vehicle manufacture do you drive for work? FORD BABY!!!!
6. Do you own a trailer for work? Yes
7. If yes, is it a cargo trailer or a open landscape trailer? open landscape
8. Do you have issues when it comes to storing and accessing equipment? The trailer is slightly small(5x10). i see a 7.x X 16 as a perfect size trailer
9. What brand of equipment do you own? Toro mostly
10. What brand of power tools do you use on the job? Stihl and Redmax
11. Other than equipment, what other "needs" are used on the job? (Example: water container) I keep a gallon jug of water with me, extra trimmer line, gas, etc....
12. Is the trailer you own a single axle or tandem axle? Single, would like a tandem
13. Do you work on a rainy day? Depends on how hard its raining.
14. Are there any features you would like to have on a trailer? Maybe some stobe or warning lights? Removable high sides for leaves, brush and mulch. Gas/trimmer/blower/watercooler racks
15. Do you have any issues on owning a trailer?
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