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Doah! I went in to my dealer again today and they had marked down the other mower that I was considering.

34hp Kawi
New scag like 61" Deck
Suspension Seat

I think I would of been willing to pay the difference for the new deck and added HP.
Oh well, truth is I'm really very happy with my New Mower and have not had any issues with the cut quality.

I have a house on my street that has been vacant for 7+ years. It had been an eye sore (yard and shrubs) since I've lived here. I recently made a deal with the owner to take care of the yard in exchange for the use of the drive way. I store my boat and an old beater there. Well yesterday the next door neighbor of the vancant came over to my house today with a plate of cookies and commented on how good the house has looked since I started taking care of it.
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