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Got the weedeater back from Stihl shop. It was NOT the carbeuator like alot of you people thought. He showed me that an upper edge of the crank case had broken off and that its been like that for along time because of the roundness in the edge. He also showed me where the edge of
the piston had a worn place on it.
He told me it would cost me the following to fix it:
Part Part Number Price
Crank case 4137-020-2800 $67.60
Piston 4137-030-2010 $63.55
2 rings 4137-034-3000 2*$8.65 = $17.30
piston pin 4137-034-1500 $ 8.95
bearing 9512-003-1830 $ 9.00
cylinder gasket 4137-029-2300 $ 2.00
his labor (approximately 2 hours) $80.00
Grand total $248.40
+ tax
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