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Originally Posted by Swampy View Post
Yeah it should look good. You are right about that paint though hard to see but looks like a good project. Quick question for you though. It looks like the utilities are running through the front yard. how are you going to avoid them?

From the pictures it looks like this subdivision was very cookie cutter in design
Well, I thought about not digging where they are for starters haha, sorry. Verizon FIOS is the only thing in the way actually and thats being relocated around the wall.

Typical neighborhood but with larger lots. New zoning requires, I believe, 3 acre size+ lots due to crazy growth. Fastest in the country and the utilites, roads, schools etc couldn't keep up and the once rural country side is full of homes this size on smaller 1/2 acre lots. Once utilities etc are in place and CNN finds something else to "b***h" about besides the economy the cash flow will be there. Developers have a way of changing the board's mind when it comes to increased tax dollars. At least the county made Toll Brothers expand a much need addition to a major highway. Want to build these houses???? Okay, build the roads too haha.
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