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That is a great idea to do a short block and it would cut the labor costs as well. I checked with my local stihl and was told that the short block $175 but I would also have
to change out my old carb, S28D, which is around $60-$70 because it would not work with a short block.
If I purchased individually, the stihl guy told me that I would need to add the following:
Oil seal 9640 003 1195 $6.45
Tube of sealant Dirko HT red(B) $14.99
to this list previous mentioned in my last post:
Part Part Number Price
Crank case 4137-020-2800 $67.60
Piston 4137-030-2010 $63.55
2 rings 4137-034-3000 2*$8.65 = $17.30
piston pin 4137-034-1500 $ 8.95
bearing 9512-003-1830 $ 9.00
cylinder gasket 4137-029-2300 $ 2.00
his labor (approximately 2 hours) $80.00
Grand total $248.40
+ tax
However, I would not have to buy the following as stated by that other stihl shop:
2 rings 4137-034-3000 2*$8.65 = $17.30
piston pin 4137-034-1500 $ 8.95
because these items are included with Piston 4137-030-2010 $63.55. Either that other
stihl shop made an honest mistake or was going to try to charge me twice for the 2 rings and piston pin.

This stihl shop gave me a total $182.74 parts + 2 hours labor ($48/hour)= $278.74+tax
Thank you for the response.
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