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Originally Posted by Cloud9Landscapes View Post
What are your feelings on this mower? Would you go tru-cut or trimmer?
I have pretty strong feelings about this mower. California Trimmer has been around since 1938 before selling the business to Eastman Industries recently. Before being bought up by Eastman, they were always made here in Fresno, CA. My Grandfather bought one in 1942 and I have it now. The mower frame is made of heavy gage steel and has outlasted several engines. Some of the structural frame members are as thick as 3/8 of an inch, solid mild steel.

I have 5 of these mowers including one commercial 25" that I'm restoring. They were made in a Home Owner 20 inch, a Heavy Duty 20 inch, and a 25 inch Heavy Duty Commercial. The only difference between the Home Owner model and the Heavy Duty model is the clutch mechanism -- the Heavy Duty model and Commercial model uses all chains and an automotive type clutch disc, to where as the Home Owner model uses a combination of chains and belts using a belt and pulley arrangement for the blade and clutch drive .

The blade and drive wheel are engaged at the same time by the lever on the upper left, and then you lower the drive wheel onto the turf by the T handle lever in the middle.

The commercial model in the picture of the first post has a lever at the lower right side of the mower -- that's the blade hight adjustment -- you have a choice of 8 height settings.

These mowers are primarily used for a Bermuda turf cut to a short length of 3/4 inch.

I should say that I haven't used an Eastman produced Trimmer yet, but I suspect the quality is the same has when Trimmer was California Trimmer. They changed the paint scheme from a Fidel Castro green to more of a darker gloss green metallic. The very first color from 1938 was a U.S. Army Jeep green.

By the way, I was planning on lurking on this site forever, but this thread has brought me out of the woodwork.
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