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lawn choupique--
i will say this quick and try to not go beyond the site quidlines..first of all i have over a 5 figure household income, that is a number w/ four numbers or zero's behind it, in case you didn't know...wait a minute, i know that you don't know that because that is entirely too much money for you to even conceive of ever making in a lifetime muchless one yr..

secondly--welfare, what is that, i have never heard of it..seems like you know exactly what it is...plz advise..

third--not looking for a hand out..i pay lots of taxes for the government..the way that i see it is that if they can give me any funding i will put it to good use and make even more tax money for them in turn..

four--your profile says that you are in the south, well guess what, i am too...have you ever heard of a guy named roy d. mercer...i am sure someone on here will enlighten you if you have never heard of him..

lanelle--i did do a search, i always try to so i don't waste everyone's time..i did see a couple of old post but not the one that you put on your note...thx for doing that...
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