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Originally Posted by spray_man View Post
What are the specs for this machine? How much water can it carry, how many pounds of fertilizer?
You can find all the specs at or call Turfco 800-679-8201 and have them send a catalog and video. It can carry 16 gallon in the saddle tanks (8 gallon each) the unit can also be rigged with another 16 gallon tank for a total of 32 with the fert hopper on. Take the fert spreader off and it can be set up with another 30 gallon tank for 46 gallon onboard. Spray output can be one quart to one gallon per K depending on the spray nozzle you use

The Fert spreader is a Spyker and will hold 120 lbs and the carrier tray will hold 3 bags of fert for a total of 270 lbs on board. Unless you use the carrier tray for the extra 16 gallon tank. Then your capacity for fert is just the spreader hopper.
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