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Originally Posted by Bob_n_weave View Post
I use the Operator- Controlled- Discharge-Chute on my Grandstand which comes in very handy for not blowing Grass Clippings in unwanted area's.

My question is: Is there a Bagging System that will work with the Operator Controlled Discharge Chute attached ? Don't want to Bag the whole yard, just around Tree's to pick up Leaves.

Toro ?
Bob_n_Weave -

We haven't installed a bagger and OCDC kit together. The OCDC kit does not stop the chute from being flipped up / backward, and the Toro side bagger installation instructions direct the operator to flip the chute up vs. removing the chute. So it would seem to reason that the bagger should mount to the deck if the chute and ODCD rubber paddle are flipped up. Obviously the bagger would need to be removed to use the OCDC again, but it should allow you to go back and forth between the two attachments on an as needed basis.

-Then Toro Company
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