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Five figure income? Why did you mention that, did you mean 6 figure imcome, or were you telling him that you have a limited household income, I dont understand what you are getting at.

From my general research on grants I have found that there is very little chance of receiving one in this industry, not impossible but usually they are given with the hope that you will benefit the person or entity in this case the government in some way later. So you would have to convince them that by giving you money you would be able to grow your company and in doing so in one way or another benefit society.

Yes you (and the rest of us - besides lawn choupique) pay alot of taxes for us, but if you look at it from the governments side as an industry and especially individually we pay very very little. Think about who you would give grants to if you were in charge, would you give it to a guy wanting to start a plumbing co? an electrician? a lawn service?

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