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Sweat equity

So this is what it's like.

Pulling the tracks off my 247B2 to rotate them, a little ahead of the 500 hour interval, but I want to do bits and pieces over the next month.

I didn't have overhead clearance for the loader safety lock, so I made one up from channel iron instead, works darn good.

I then drove the 247B2 on to my old ramps, so the machine was 2" higher, after I jacked up the machine, I removed the ramps.

Next, I made some wood pads, 15" high using some old parallam beams I took off a demo job site, these were rejects, one too many cuts in them.
I made 4 in total, 1 for each corner.

Removed the ramps, now there is 6" of height to drop the tracks:

Here's a view I never see, inside rollers are in pristine condition:

Got 1 side off, 30 minutes, and the threaded track tensioner moved really easy with some WD40 and a wire brush. I removed the outside front idler to make it easier.

Rollers are still in ASV specifications, not bad, but the front idlers are wicked looking, but still usable:

You would not believe how damn heavy these rear steel rollers are, I removed one to get the right track on, what a bugger.

1 down, another later:

More pics and video of the problems I was encountering, I was sweating so damn much, I lost too much blood sugar and I am feeling dizzy and sick, life is a bit of a challenge when you are a diabetic and you sweat and work like a farm horse.
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