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we do

Good question bud - We easily converted one of our T3000's this spring to accommodate 32 gallons. It's a sweet set-up, and the extra tank can be taken off in two minutes if need be.

This weekend, I'll re-plumb both out T's with "quick-disconnect fittings" to make it even faster to convert as well as faster fill time. (Working with TURFCO on that).

I cannot say enough about our T3000's cuz we run 'em everyday with no breakdowns. I figure we have had "2 days of total downtime" all year long. That ain't bad, and the T's make us huge profits.

I'll post pics soon once TURFCO sees them first and gives me the go ahead.

Both our T's have just under & just over 500 hours on 'em. But I know guys who have over 900 hours on 'em. Not bad for a product that has less than two years production.

The 2010 model will have modifications/improvements that will make most folks very happy for sure. Plus specific options that customers ask for.

Very proud A-Team member of TURFCO's T3000.

Originally Posted by spray_man View Post
I'm interested in a unit that carries a lot of water. Does anyone operate a t3000 with 32 or 46 gallons?
Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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