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Originally Posted by Picasso View Post
my dealer told me 80w90, what is wrong with that oil? what is the reason for engine oil?

i plan to do mine every 100 hours or so just to make sure its full and clean before bad things happen.........AGAIN.
One of the reasons final drives fail is because of the oil, 90w is fine for excavators, but on higher speed CTL's, the oil breaks down with heat, you know when that happens, the oil smells like natural gas, that's a sign that it's done.
Engine oil is better suited for heat because engines build up alot more heat, but the biggest factor is the metals and bearing types in final drives compared to the steel and bushing type bearings in a crank shaft, my Dad replaced the final drive oil on the PC-60's 2 years ago and they don't build up heat as much, and my old man pushes soil with the blades on those old machines like a damn freight train.
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