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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
Cat probably recommends 10w oil (engine).

The only difference bettween engine oil and gear lube is gear lube is sticky it clings to the gears.

Geez Ron you have all kinds of health problems. Hyper tension, diabetes and a wolf man.

Anyhow no giving yourself a bender working too hard. You probably have a little bit of dutch stubborness
You don't get anywhere in life if you don't work hard, I was always taught to think about your final days lying on your death bed, do you really want to reflect back on your life and say "I spent lots of time sitting on my ass watching life go by" or "I worked my ass off and got huge payouts for all my work".

Besides, it seems in our family, we live longer if we work harder, Dad is 64 this October, and he still works like he is 40.

I'll get back to it after I finish my coffee.
The amount of energy necessary to refute bullsh*t is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it
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