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Well did you get your tracks back on ?

I thought you tore one of your tracks and it needs replacing.

Myself I can't do what I used to beable too. My back isn't in the best of shape too much heavy lifting and I do have problems with my knees and I have sciatica problems. Lots of fun especially when your only 33 and you can step the wrong way and your back goes out. But that is from working too hard and pushing yourself to the limits.

When I used to haul lumber your loading and unloading the truck by hand by yourself. Used to load 400lb wood beams myself.

Over working yourself never pays off you end up with a screwed up body that you will pay for the rest of your life. Back pain is horrible the chiropractor said I was one step away from a wheel chair. Thats what happens when your stubborn and do things yourself with no help.
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