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Spray Man The answer is yes. Some guys are putting down liquid fert at half gallon per 1000 sq ft. They got a 30 gallong tank kit from a company called Contree Mfg. in Wisc. It is a kit with all the hardware and plumbing to fit it to the T3000 and costs like $150.00 You have to take the fertilizer off and this takes about 15 minutes. 4 1/4 inch bolts, two pull pins and two cotter pins. Actually I put my Fert hopper back on friday when I took the Aux Tank off and it took me 15 minutes to put the Spyker hopper back on and operational. The pump produces 4.5 gallon per minute and hypro has 5 different nozzles available. Next Year we will also have a 12 boom available for different applications. The boom goes on and off in like one minute. Call if you have questions 402-783-2028
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