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two minute pit stop

turfcobob was here this evening, and he showed us his T3000....SWEET!

Then I showed him our T's with quick-connect fill setup. It fills both saddle tanks in less than two minutes while we fill the hopper with dry fert. That's a two minute pit stop to fill an empty unit with everything.

Then he checked out our 16-gallon axillary tank that's plumbed into the saddle tanks. It can be removed in less than 30 seconds cuz it's mounted in the carrier tray.

Turfcobob's T had some 2010 model features that even ours did not have. More advances are also on the way for the 2010 unit. I should note that '08 & '09 models can easily be upgraded to the latest technology. Thanks TURFCO.
Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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