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Day #3 got us about as far as you see there. One of them is really good at flat work, close to me. The other has been with me 4 months and learning. He shows much more interest in vertical work. This can work out nice with one doing flat, one doing vertical + add in a laborer and once I get the technical stuff out of the way..........digging, concrete etc.....I could leave to do other things.

The way we work this one is we run the stone like the block. I run the bottom, come back, run another row etc. So I'm selecting and fitting stone, the other sets it and the other follows doing the same. Once they catch up to me they go back and do joints while I get ahead again. Works well.

The white PVC is for running wire through the wall for lighting that will be illuminating the face. The black pipe is running water out from the footer while weep holes are higher up at grade.
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