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Originally Posted by sedge View Post
Admin, please make Green Energy forum, for self sufficiency info

Please leave thread

there are many guys on here with interest in green energy I think, like small solar set ups, hydro-electricity generation for the home and alternative fuels for the trucks/cars and i think a lot could be gleamed from posting in a green energy forum on this site......

I have looked in the off topic forum for some solar energy stuff that was posted a year or so ago, but was hard to find. if it had it's own forum, easy to address and add comments too, as it won't get lost....

if any one is thinking it would be a good idea, jump on before they move the thread some where or don't think there is any interest....
I think that's a heck of an idea, sedge.

There are boatloads of folks out there right now in the original Green Industry (the "green industry" tied to lawn, landscape & golf course maintenance) who's somewhat marginal career skills definitely limit them in what they're able to aspire to.
Many of them 'beat only one drum', meaning that they might mow grass, ONLY mow grass, then hibernate for the winter, etc.
A lot of them are smarter than whips, very good at what they do, but are destined to stay stuck in a rut simply because of too much competition around them in the exact work that they do.

A new Lawnsite Green Energy forum may indeed be inspirational to folks just like this who are looking to build their personal resume & skill level, maybe enough for some of them to enroll in vocational night classes on solar energy (or whatever).

For some, these kinds of baby steps are what it takes to diversify a little, and to finally make it on their own.
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