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Ours really stress the importance of timely payments and lack of which result in cancellation.

Yes ,all residentials from about 2 years ago when we started using agreements have to sign it. Existing customers that have never been a problem are not bothered with it.

For Dog waste, hoses etc...the guys make a note and someone calls to remind them of the day we actually are scheduled to do the service so that they can prepare for our visit.

I would love the find the magical solution to 75 yr old "Norma's" that call in saying they want to skip that particular week....

Moving folks to pre-payment for the season would eliminate the drought issue if you specify up to a certain number of cuts... the problem is not everyone is going to pre-pay.

I would love to have the ideal cutomer base where everything is perfect but this isn't a perfect world and quite honestly people are WEIRD!

I think the biggest step toward attaining the ideal customer base would be in the initial screening...not take everyone that calls and convey the message to the potential customer that it is a privilege to be our customer, not your right. (without conveying this arrogance of course)
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