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Raising prices

I have been running numbers... I found that I am a complete idiot. My average yard takes about 45-55 minutes solo. I charge a average of $25 but have some $65-85. I do not think that I am charging enough. I would like to get $30-35 for the yards that I currently charge $25. They warrant the 30-35 but the customer shy'd away. I would like to at least get 30 how can I raise the price and present this to the customers... maybe raise it $3 for next year? I made $355 last week with cutting 14 lawns. That is roughly $25 avg. I'd like to make more to hire a helper with me so I can knock out more yards. Next year I plan on attaining 60-70 accounts. I currently have 29. Could use some help on budgeting also. I need to crack down on things.
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