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Thanks guys for all the advice... I know I do not have the nicest equipment... but i think a 23hp 52" Grandstand and a 52" Toro Proline (2001 w/ 15 Kohler) is not bad... Others have nicer yes but mine does the trick and will continue for the long haul. I am committed to doing this for a long time hopefully my goal after next year will be to run a second crew. I am going to go to college for business (accounting CPA) I'd like to either make my company where I can have someone run it for me as in work I do the bids paper work etc. and have another job that handles the rest of the expenses. I have a new truck that I plan on running till the damn thing falls apart! I just wish I could put more in the bank. Almost all of my $25 people let me do their landscaping (mulch, plants etc.) which is great. I also work for two banks that give me decent amount of work. Next year I hope to be cutting most of the day care centers in my area. My expenses usually are-- truck payment=$190 --gas (weekly)$70 -- Insurance paid already was $450-- string,2 cycle oil-$may be $30 a month? (does that sound right)-- Yes I def. need to get the back to basics and figure everything out. I believe it is 49 cents a mile to operate my truck if I did it correctly.

thanks for the help and any more replies GREATLY appreciated!!

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